Brodarica and Krapanj have approximately 1900 beds in apartments and rooms, villas, hotel Spongiola and pensions Zlatna Ribica and Lipa Dalmapcija. Hotel Spongiola is situated on Krapanj, and within is small harbour. Apart from hotel Spongiola, Krapanj has in offer an apartments and rooms in private accommodation. The island has all facilities for accommodate and give great vacations to all tourists. Pensions Zlatna Ribica and Lipa Dalmacija are situated in Brodarica. Accommodation in Brodarica and on Krapanj gives all benefit for pleasant staying. All of them are near shore with crystal clean sea and nice beaches. Some of the accommodation units, as hotel Spongiola, have their own pool. In Brodarica there are also four camps: Zlatna Ribica, Venera, Edda and Klaus. They are situated near beaches, in pine forest and they are suitable for all camping fans.