Riviera Brodarica – Krapanj

Brodarica – small place along Adriatic coast and Adriatic tourist highway, bounded with town Šibenik and hotel resort Solaris on north, Morinje bay on south and great archipelago on west side. It is 6 km away from centre of Šibenik. In Brodarica live approximately 3.000 residents. Locals are mostly involved in tourism, fishing, sponge harvest and agriculture. During summer, number of people increase to 5-6 thousand. Brodarica has a great view on nine little islands which makes a Laguna and on Morinje bay where is well known fish nursery. North part of the bay is rich with therapeutically mud.

The sandy and rocky beaches are spread all over the place and on islands in nearby. Brodarica and Krapanj have a typical Mediterranean climate. In the summer time temperature are around 30oC and most of the time blows maestral, west wind that makes summer heat bearable. In winter time temperature rarely goes under 0oC and often blows jugo and bura winds. In this climate, we have Mediterranean vegetation which is characterised by pine forest and low vegetation. In area around Brodarica and Krapanj special part of interest are national parks Krka and Kornati. From cultural heritage the most famous monument is Saint Jacob Cathedral. Hotel resort Solaris (distance 1,5 km) offers a great sports facilities.

NP Krka

Krka is one of the most beautiful river in Mediterranean karst. Part of Krka was declared a National Park in 1985. River draws attention with beauty of its flow which is intersected by travertine barriers creating a beautiful cascades, waterfalls (the most famous are Skradinski buk and Roški slap) and lakes. Delightful caves, ravines, cliffs and numerous plant and animal species constitute a unique natural unit. National park is inhabited with more than 200 species of Mediterranean and Sub-Mediterranean plants and many animals’ species.

NP Kornati

Kornati are splendid archipelago that stretches for about 300 km2 and includes 148 islands, islets and rocks, and in 1980 was declared a National Park. Numerous islands, islets, bays make this part of Adriatic Sea paradise for sailors and all nature fans. This park is home to numerous species of fish, shellfish, corals, sponges and other sea organisms. Islands are no inhabited, with no source of drinking water and with low vegetation. The nearest land is Murter. On the islands there are small houses that served the locals to hide from the bad weather and to relax after hard work in field with olives and figs. Today the park is famous for its excursions.

To visit these national parks, from Brodarica and other places in nearby, are organized individual or group day trips. National park Krka is 15km away while a National park is 18 km away from Brodarica.